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Hello, I AM

Rijo Abraham

Web Developer

As a Web designer/developer I learned that content contributes to the success of one’s website; design is how you present the content. Contact me if you are interested in doing business with me. 

T1 - 7E, DD Diamond, Kochi, Kerala

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  • Researching your business & its competition*
  • Find where your customers engage online
  • Creating a content strategy beforehand
  • Write a clear custom value proposition
  • Research different types of content** to bring new customers to your website.
design - Innovation
web design process


  • At this level, I already know your requirements
  • Start the process with a proper style guide and do a detailed UX strategy
  • Produce concepts, samples before finalizing the design at each stage
  • Once the designing is complete we move on to coding stage


  • Make website dynamic and create responsive design with mobile first approach as needed
  • Add rich-snippets and follow semantic HTML throughout the website.
  • Enable drag and drop features*** to make editing easy for you
  • Add clear seo meta titles & descriptions, relevant internal linking, proper navigation and more.
website development


  • Migrate to a premium hosting service I recommend or use existing one
  • Optimize website if necessary for speed
  • Check all files are migrated and website is working with a staging process.
  • Finalizing website and making it online for your visitors.


Questions related to the workflow

Don’t worry.  I’ll be able to create a content marketing plan for you, if you still haven’t planned on your website content, and its customer value proposition.

Good question. I use couple of SEO tools to achieve it and to name a few; ahrefs, buzzsumo, google keyword planner.

This is an advanced plan and only for clients who opt-in for content marketing for their websites. Here I generate hundreds of valuable post ideas for your blog and create content in a timely fashion.(this will bring you organic traffic for free of cost). Alternatively, you can also hire a content writer to do the writing job. Converting these traffic to valuable customers is a part of content marketing.

You decide. You can opt it if you want to edit website on front-end all by yourself. Still, small websites/blog might not need this feature as it will slow down websites on slow hosting services.

No, you have buy domain and hosting yourself. However, I recommend using premium hosting if you need fast website. Let me know and I will configure it for you as well.